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Thanks for the kind words and support.

Good questions that deserve honest answers.

Yes, we contract out to a Subscriptions House. I could bring this in house and have full time ops to answer calls, hire book keepers, buy a database program, hire DB managers and the like.....but it makes as much sense as buying a steel mill because you're in the automobile business. Your sub price would exceed $50/year

The down side:
Yup, the Sub House will send you up to four re-subscribe reminders starting when you still have 5 issues left.
I hate it, too.

The up side:
- We publish an easy way to tell when your subscription is up:

- We will NEVER sell or "rent" your name.....NEVER.

- Email us a complaint, comment or suggestion...about a lost issue, a back issue request, or anything else. If the response doesn't come from me 3/4 times, your next year is on the house. (I actually receive ALL of these happily. I delegate very few, usually when I'm travelling.)

- Send a letter or email to the Editor: I GUARANTEE you a personal response from Denny.

- Re-Up reminders: Today, I outlined development of a program to remind subscribers by email that your subscription is terminating. This will be far less intrusive than Snail Mail and far easier to respond to, either with a "No, don't contact me again." or a link-click to re-up.

Ultimately, though, the real issues are:
1) Do we sell our list?
Answer: Under No Circumstances

2) Is the magazine worth the subscription price?
Answer: That one's up to you.

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