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Mr. Lucibella-
I don't know that the observation of there being so few S.W.A.T. readers here is accurate.
Just because there is relatively little activity here, doesn't mean we aren't buyers/subscribers/readers.

Speaking for myself only, I haven't felt the need to look in this section since I have no complaints with the magazine, nor suggestions. If I did, I'd be here more.

I do leave PRAISE occaisionally in the S.W.A.T. section of another forum, since it seems that several of S.W.A.T.'s contributors post there, in addition to yourself. Might as well do it where I know they are. Maybe they are here also, but I don't know.

I only subscribed a few months ago, but have been buying them on the newsstand for a while. I'm a big Louis Awerbuck fan, although fate has seemed to work against me when it comes to getting to take a class of his.

I do admit to ignorance. I used to see the magazine, and think "SWAT? I'm not a SWAT team member, so it must not have anything for me." I remember the magazine from the mid-80's, with articles on infantry tactics, armored vehicles, and such, and thought it was the same.
Once I opened one up, the light came on.

I have to wonder if other TFLers think the same.
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