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I think they decided that for a small carry gun that on target, and a low flash would be better to get a round on target a couple of times or more, than one round and a flash that might ruin night-vision. I find that it is easier not to fight a gun, but to shoot at about the belly butto on a target, steady the weapon, shoot about at the diaphram, and then put one at about the top of the sternum, the indoor range closer to my house does not like rapid fire, but it is reasonably quick. I assume since this is a .45 thread wj you are shooting a .45, here is the data I have 165gr. 1090fps 430 lb-ft at muzzle 400 at 25 yd all out of a 5" barrel, that sounds pretty decent. The 230gr hyda shok is 850 fps with 370 lb-ft 5" barrel. It sound like It should make someone on the wrong end of it unhappy to say the least.

I was thinking of an iexpensive test to test rounds. Take a slabe of pork ribs, they go for about $1.19 a pound around here cut about a cunk 8 to twelve inches in length, put an inexpensive roast in back of the ribs, and then another slab of ribs. Us sharp wooden skewers like used for making shish kabobs to hold it together. It might simulate a shot to the chest of somebody and the rib bones would help better simulate a human upperbody. A tee shirt or old flannel shirt could be placed over the test subject, and a majic marker could be used to make some aim points or mark ribs so that a good hit on a bone is acheived. It might be a little expensive, but if somebody has a variety of calibers and guns I bet we could get a little fund together to find out what works best in the TFL PD bullet tests. This is just an idea that popped into my head, and probably can be improved upon. I am always skeptical of testing done by bullet manufacturers, who have something to gain by saying they have the new death ray bullet. These crackfiends up here usually hace a lot of clothing on up here so for regional use it might be worth a look.
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