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Years ago, before I carried continuously, I got home from work at 2AM. No lights on. I was in the house for two hours before the intruder knocked over a lamp in the spare bedroom...between me and the firearms. I was between him and the doors. I immediately left the house and waited at a corner in the dark bushes where I could see the front door and the side door. With a softball bat. When I heard him throw an armchair through the rear jalousey windows; I realized that he had analyzed the new tactical situation correctly. I went to the neighbors and called the police. I let them clear the house in case there was more than one. Nothing was taken.

I don't clear houses and I don't hold people at gunpoint. I'm not a cop.

Personally, in a situation like this, I would have known whether I left the lights in the house on. I double check on such. Once I saw the lights on, I would have called the police to report a burglary...possibly still in progress. Then I would have positioned my vehicle so that I could follow any vehicle that left to get the license plate number. Next would have been a short retreat from the vehicle to a convenient bush or shadow...just in case some curious member of the burglar group who had been wandering around wanted to walk up to car. Maybe with a gun of his own. Years ago, I was in collections and repossessions. Sitting in your car staking a house out can be a real, real bad idea.
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