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Range .44's with 6" to 8' barrel with a rear notch and front blade are fun and accurate guns to shoot, and feel good in the hand. Most of these posters are talking about guns to use for concealed carry. They are not LE or are LE off the clock. They have to worry about weight, sharp edges,and generally snagging on clothing. They want a magazine for quick ammo changes, and more than 6 rounds in a mag usually. They are shooting at self defense yardages. They are worrying about shooting 1 to 15 rounds very rapidly very accurately in a stressful situation. They have to worry about a "non-gun" person seeing them and calling the police, and maybe embellishing the story. A DE in .44 mag is not ideal for this situation.

Auto glass is one of the most difficult barriers for a handgun to penetrate the makeup of the glass usually rips the jacket off a bullet, and quite often significantly alters the trajectory. Even rifle rounds could be affected by this. After reading some things I even wondered if after being hit with 1 round of whatever caliber, would the glass still retain these properties, and would a LE be better off shooting #4 buck at a window to completely blow it out before using a handgun, but most people can't carry a shotgun around concealed.

A smoothbore shotgun shoots foster type slugs with a relatively open choke, these slugs have ribs that catch the air flowing over them and impart a spin to stablize the bullet, and brenneke I think has the wad attached to the slug to give it drag to make sure the slug impacts correctly. A shotgun with rifling will tend to open up the pattern on shot, the standard 9 pellets 00 will probably not hit your target, unless you have the barrel pressed against your target. If it is an intruder I highly recommend stay back out of arms reach from them. I use a lot of wrong terms to desribe guns weapons, and every day life, my wife always has to ask what "thing" do you mean this time. I think acp stands for Automatic colt pistol. When I hear acp I think of a catridge designed by John Browning myself, but he worked for colt for Awhile? Now with moon clips an acp cartridge can be fired in a revolver, revolver bullets being long it is hard to put them in a traditional semi-auto config, w/ the mag being in the grip of the gun makes it unwieldy.
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