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Popcorn Coolie,

It's good to be enthusiastic about firearms when you're young. It's good to find more experienced folks who can help you learn about this fascinating hobby. It's bad if one alienates those folks by puffing up one's self and making claims that are painfully untrue to even the most casual observer, for then they start ignoring you, rather than helping you.

Personaly my favorite is .44 Magnum. Second .357 Magnum. Third .357 Sig.
.44 Magnum shoots better and does more damage. It's balanced perfectly between size, weight and velocity. It's also much easier to shoot than .45 Automatic in my opinion. I mean the Revolver cartridge. I don't know how well the Automatic .44 Magnum performs. I never fired a .44 Magnum ACP. Such as the Desert Eagle.
Have you really fired a .44 Magnum and a .45 ACP? I'm inclined to doubt it, since if you had, you would know that .44 Magnum is a hard-recoiling caliber that is much more difficult to control in rapid fire than the comparatively gentle .45 ACP. (Also, note that the Desert Eagle shoots the same .44 Magnum round as a .44 Mag revolver.)

The rest of your post... Jeez. Where to start? If you would like some actual advice on combat shooting from guys who have Been There and Done That, read through the board some; Erick Gelhaus, Jeff Gonzales, Pat Rogers, Firearms Academy (that's Marty Hayes), and several other recognizable names post here.
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