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You never know how resillant someone is until you try to kill that person. Some people go down and die when hit with a a spitball .22LR and others will withstand a few 230 grain .45 hollowpoints before dying. You never know how much a male target can withstand. Some can and have taken some serious abuse before dying. Without drugs.

Personaly my favorite is .44 Magnum. Second .357 Magnum. Third .357 Sig.
.44 Magnum shoots better and does more damage. It's balanced perfectly between size, weight and velocity. It's also much easier to shoot than .45 Automatic in my opinion. I mean the Revolver cartridge. I don't know how well the Automatic .44 Magnum performs. I never fired a .44 Magnum ACP. Such as the Desert Eagle.

.45 Auto is great for takedown no matter what type it is. It gets stuck in the body because it's so big and then it's low velocity causes it to drag it's way through the body causing the victim to get jared and jerked around or thrown to the ground. But .44 Magnum will tear a huge chunk out of the individual. Shoot someone with a .45 auto in the arm and they'll get thrown 180 degress, but shoot someone in the arm with a .44 Magnum and that person will be lucky if their arm doesn't get torn off. The bone is just shattered.

Everyone nitpicks. If it puts a hole in person and makes that person bleed it's good. Use a hollow point unless you need as much penetration possible. Preferably a hollow point with a jacket that folds out into a fan blade upon impact. Shoot your target until it hits the ground. If body shots aren't effecting your target then blow his or her throat out.

Doesn't matter. It could be a 9mm of any grainage or jacket and it's still a perfect defensive pistol. Problem is people are trained to shoot for the body instead of shooting for an area that will incapacitate or kill. Such as the throat, head, heart and lungs. Most people don't die instantly when shot in the body. Not like TV makes it seem. So that's why you need to pop them somewhere that will distract or neutralize them until they Go into shock bleed out and die. Person can't function if they can't think or breath. That's why you you hit the heart,lungs head and or throat.

That's why the nine is nice. It's easy to shoot. Put your sights right on the throat and TAK TAK TAK.

Only takes one .357 Magnum and the throat will be gone. Most of it anyway.
That's why I don't understand why people go with .45 Auto for defense when .357 and .44 Magnum are much more powerful and waaaay easier to shoot with a better recovery. Must be over penetration issues. That's the only thing I can think of.

The Best stuff in .45 AUTO that I have seen aside from Rangers SXT is Winchester's Super X X45AHP or something like that. It's Winchester's second best to their Ranger ammunition. It's also a silvertip which is safer to shoot in close quaters.
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