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Popcorn Coolie,

Winchester doesn't like it when people refer to their SXT as Black Talon, because they're trying to burry the bull**** that was caused by the name BLACK TALON.
They'd more likely get confused, since the Talon and the commercial SXT ar two very different projectiles.

All Winchester Did was change the bullet from a teflon coated bullet r teflon coated copper jacket to a plain copper jacket and then they changed the casing from silver to brass. Then call it Ranger SXT instead of Black Talon.
The Black Talon was coated with a proprietary moly-type compound, not teflon. Both the old Talons and the new commercial SXT's use nickel-plated cases. The main differences are that the SXT's use eight-petal jackets instead of the six-petal ones of the Talon, and lack the sharp tips at the end of the jacket petals. Other than that, they're largely the same deep-sump JHP's with a reverse-taper jacket.

RA45T is a great cartridge, but your talkin .45. Anything that's a bullet is good enough. As long as it makes em bleed.

Again your talkin a pistol. It's not the greatest weapon for defense. If you want a weapon for self defense get your self a pump chump. Load that mother up with 4buck, double 00buck or SABOTs. Well maybe not SABOTs. The penetration is too high to be using on humans in close quaters. Just get yourself some standard rifles slugs.
Why would you use rifled slugs in a rifled-bore shotgun? Why would you use sabots in a smoothbore? Have you ever patterned a shotgun with slugs before?
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