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Hey guys:

What about a little Rifleman's Challenge? We could shoot Fred's quick and dirty AQT at 25m, kick in $5/head, best score gets a prize (case of Port?). No one would have to, but it would be a way to mix it up a bit.


I'd contribute the targets and the prize.

Whaddya think?
I find this to be an attractive offer! I like to do a little gambling; and I love riflery. The only proviso I would have is that the playing field has to be, more or less, level.

No tack driving, bull barreled rifles with dial-in, 'astronomy scopes' on top. And, oh, one other thing: I get to shoot Hosman's new $2,000.00 Garand M-1! (It's OK, Jose; you can use my crappy old DCM gun.)
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