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The advice to call, immediately, is sound. Personally, I think you guys were a bit amateurish; but that’s just my opinion. Under the same circumstances I, either, wouldn’t have gone in, at all; or I would have circled the property, first, before covering the backdoor.

I understand, ‘Why’ the two of you stayed together; but, if you really wanted to, ‘bag a buck’, one noisy guy on the front door, and the other, quietly, on the lot line at the rear of the property would have put, ‘dinner on the table’. The question, then, becomes; ‘What do you do when dinner’s ready?’

Frankly I don’t believe you should attempt to play these games unless you’re absolutely willing to engage. Me? The more I think about it, the more I think I’d just make that call – ASAP!
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