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Sorry Arc Angel: your right, I probably shouldn't have mentioned the down, dirty effective stuff...

However, a little research on the internet and he should be able to figure this stuff out. Again, my advice, apologize like *ell and get the *ell out!

So, Rugerdude, you only fight if there is no other option...then, anything is fair!

Now, a less lethal attack is to direct your kick to the ankle bone...the bone protudes on the side of the foot. A quick snap kick to the bone will disable them...There are something like 211 bones in the human body, each foot has 52/54 bones...these are small bones and break very easily!

As for punching, right where the sterum seperates, you will feel a small bone protuding (chest). The ribs then flow down from this point.

A good shot just below this bone, will knock the wind out of them...they lay on the ground trying to breath as they try to throw up at the same time...intresting effect...usualy non-lethal, unless they have a heart or other medical condition!
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