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The first article I read by Louis Awerbuck was in the March, 2002 issue of (naturally) S.W.A.T. Magazine. I’ve read every article he’s written for S.W.A.T. since then, that’s for sure.

In every article, I’ve learned something new or at least been reminded of something I should have known—all presented in a straightforward manner with a good dose of Louis’ trademark wry humor.

He’s one of the “been there, done that” guys. More importantly for the rest of us, he has a unique ability to convey knowledge and skills to others. If you think his articles are good, try taking a class from him. I promise you’ll learn something new and improve on something you already know.

And stay ready for a chuckle. After all, he signed off that March, 2002 article with:

”To the Vintner goes the Spoils”
--- Alexander the Grape

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