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Just for the heck of it...

When I decided to 'build' a 1911, I couldn't decide if I wanted the checkering or not. During one of my design sessions with a Brownells catalog, I discovered the 'fake' checkering thing that (IIRC) Wilson Combat makes. Basically, a very thin metal strap, checkered, that you can put on under the grips that emulates a checkered FS. A way to try it without the expense of doing it to the gun, and is reversible, if you decide that you don't like it.

This is not something I would advocate for a (semi-)permanent installation, as it could be easily damaged by real-world use, but it did save me a bunch of money and a frame, in the end. If you find you like the checkering, then you spend the money. If not, the thing comes off and you are back to the original in the same amount of time it takes to change the grips.

I guess you could put it on for range work, and take it off for carry, but this doesn't seem to make a bunch of sense to me. TEHO.

Checked the records and found this in my Brownells file:

Stock # - 965-100-001, #100B Checkered Front Strap, Blue. $8.95.

I just went to Brownells. Yep, Wilson Combat, and they still offer it in Blue or SS. Now it's $9.95. Inflation, I guess. Still a throw-away.

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