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Here are some of my favorites-

"Fighting Smarter"- Tom Givens (Rangemaster)
"Tactical Reality"- Louis Awerbuck (Yavapai Firearms Academy)
"More Tactical Reality"- Louis Awerbuck
"Principles of Personal Defense"- Jeff Cooper (Gunsite/API)

"Fighting Smarter" is probably the "most rounded". It covers subjects like- knowing your potential enemy, shooting skills, carry methods, mindset, etc. And unlike most catch-all books, it does it pretty thoroughly.
The bad news is that it may be hard to find now. I got the last copy Rangemaster had earlier this year, and was told there were no plans for another printing.

Louis Awerbuck's books are my favorite, but they don't cover as broad an area. They are centered around mindset and skills. Both books are collections of his "Training and Tactics" column from S.W.A.T. magazine. After reading his work, you may question many things you have always read or heard about how to train or practice.

"Principles" is a small book, around 44 or 45 pages, and is about how to think and act in a defensive manner, regardless of being armed or not.
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