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Well, in our group, DanV1317 is about to purchase his first FN/FAL. Hoseman bought a new 17HMR pistol the day before the match, almost bought an SMLE on the way home, and has a new Garand on order. As for me, yup; I did it too. I've got a promised, 'museum quality' SKS coming in. It's due, here, on Wednesday. (I'll probably spend the Winter glass-bedding and refinishing this one, too. The first one came out absolutely beautiful!)

One conclusion I came to during this match is that I can't shoot effectively with the standard Russian pin sight. I'm about to order two sets of Williams, 'Firesights' for the SKS from Brownell's. (I must have fired 50 rounds dialing in those crappy Russian sights on Saturday; so it's got 'a be worth the $80.00 bucks!)
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