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Civility is reserved for those who deserve it. Generally speaking, my pesonality is blunt (how's that Jeff?), and patience is something in the ether along with wave propogation.
However, Jeff is a friend, and i respect his talent and ability, so why bother rolling around on the floor with a buddy over TTP's?
The disinformation cowpath is full of bump fire bozo's and gunshop professors (which is why i seldom post...) who can wail and cast their limpid eyes skyward while fantasizing about airsoft babes and computer games.
I have a life (which is kinda' busy right now) so civility is easy- in this case.

Finger straight! Try rotating the pistol inward (that is, so the top of the gun) is toward your body. Angle the muzzle slightly away (finger straight) and attempt to catch the rear of the ejection port against the desired target. You body type, wardrobe etc will all be a determining factor on how this works.

You apparently shoot, so TTP like this will benefit you. Others who struggle to perform a reload and get a decisive hit will probably be frustrated.
More frustrated if they are airsoft bubba's.

Pat sends
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