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Assault weapons ban lifted...good thing?

I'm a college student and attend a school in a very liberal area of Ohio. I've had countless arguments with various gun-haters (especially since the CCW past earlier this year) and I've almost always gotten them to consent to at least some of my pro-gun views. That is until the assault weapons ban was lifted. I just cannot seem to convince anyone of the average citizen's need to own an uzi or, in general, the benefit to making assault weapons legal and more readily available to all. The criminals will have them anyway( i say), but increased numbers are sure to fall to the wrong hands (say my gun-fearing friends). This inability to convert is admitedly due to my limited knowledge of law enforcement problems relating to the increases ofthese types of weapons. I need some feedback from officers (active or retired) or from anyone with knowledge regarding law enforcement and assault weapons. Please help!! The fight for the 2nd must go on!
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