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Pat Rogers,

An option would be a near mirror image gun. sans checkering- but expensive.
Granted, I'm probably coming at this from the standpoint of an "embarrassment of riches." I have enough 1911's that I can leave a couple of them with un-checkered/-textured frontstraps so that I have guns on call for high round-count intensive shooting courses. Still and all, the point I'm questioning is this: Is it efficient to have your gun set up to avoid pain in super-high-round-count training courses, even if it doesn't cause hand trauma in daily training/matches/local one day workshops? What if the modifications made to accommodate the special conditions of Gunsite 250 make the sidearm less efficient for the shooter in question should they have to use it in Dark Parking Lot 101? Understand that I'm not trying to make definitive statements, but just tossing out musings...

On the sights issue...

I've tinkered with using the front sight and the ejection port, as well as using alternate striking surfaces for cocking. It's probably more a condemnation of my level of physical coordination than it is of the techniques, but the rear sight (on a gun so set up; read: "Trijicons") worked against the mouth of a rigid holster seems to me to be the way for me, personally, to go. Being Suzy Civilian, I can't always use the "arm hole of the vest" since I may not be wearing a vest, or one with an armhole rigid enough to use for cocking, but I'll always have A) My holster, or B) A boot heel. (Ideally, I'd use "C) The nearest doorframe, table edge, or corner" since I relocated the dang FLGR to "D) The trash can." )

Anyhow, thanks for more to think about. I'll give the ejection port technique another whirl, as mastering that would probably be cheaper than milling the rears on all my guns that have aerodynamic sights. Any pointers on orienting the gun or where on the belt to pop the ejection port that can be described without pictures? Or do I need to find out your training schedule? (Please don't throw me in that briar patch. )
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