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Angry??? Intense maybe..
We have been running malfuncion drills on the move for a long time. Like you and others the understanding of the dynamic of fighting dictate the drills necessary to provide the skill sets to win the fight.

We run the pistol off the arm hole of the vest. It had been sufficiently consistent with out shooters.
As a side note, they were the ones who requested the Novak sights over the PWS made one.

When we looked at the time available for the shooting, and what skills were actually required, we had to look hard at the circumstances that would require (for example) a weak hand only Type 3 clearence.
Those circumstances would require a lot of stars to be out of alignment for that to occur. While teaching both weak and strong hand malfunction drills with the pistol are taught, there are other skill sets that require more attention.
On the non mil side, i would venture that 90% of those on any forum are in the debit side when it comes to basic gun handling, and certainly fighting. This can translate to any classes taught, and while there are exceptions, 3-5 days on a range does not a gunfighter make.
The fact that once one leaves a class the sustainment training necessary to slow the degradation of skills starts down the slippery slope.
Consequently those strong/ weak hand drills, especially related to malfunctions also fall by the wayside.

If one sight works better for someone, i am all for it.

I still don't like checkering. I have never found that useful, and only aggravating when someone cannot perform due to pain.

But hey, wadda' i know?

Pat sends
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