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Hi Tamara,
Disagree- it's a good thing.

I'll stand my ground on my opinions- else why have them.
While i agree that you can get by with sharp edges for short periods, how do we get the skill set necessary to save your life. An option would be a near mirror image gun. sans checkering- but expensive.
Again- based on seeing hundreds of shooters with moleskin, riggers tape, gloves and so forth on their paws, and observing that learning and pain are mutually exclusive, i'll consider checkering not something that i could vere recommend.
I do like the Chuck Rogers golf balls, as they don't abrade as much and therefore provide the gripping surface that some feel is necessary.

As for one hand cycling- Tim hit the nail on the head. We use the ejection port for this if necessary, but applying pressure against any sight will allow you to cycle the slide.
I know of some who mod their Novak's to make a more vertical surface and allegedly make this possible, but scores of Marines (and others) are doing it- and have been doing it, for a long time. There is no problem in the real real world. We do it all the time.
In short, this is a non issue.

I've been carrying a gun for almost all of my life. I'll mirror Hilton when he states that he has become sensitive to carry issues. Sights, hammers and checkering all work on clothing and skin. If your favorite blaster chews through the lining of your Sunday go to school jacket- how long will you actually carry thay piece?

We are all slaves to our frame of reference, and mine may be different than yours, and that may be different from Tim's and so forth.
What is good for you may flat be terrible for someone else.
I don't like checkering- but Tim does. Is either of us more (or less) correct?

Get the best possible equipment that you can. Then seek the best training available.
And when you are finished, train some more.

Pat sends

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