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Walther Models 1-P99, Dieter Marschall. English edition; 2000

Dieter occasionally drops by the Walther forum. He is a renowned expert on Walther pistols.

Walther Vol. I, II, III, Rankin.

Know your Walther P.38, Hoffschmidt

Know your Walther PP Series, Hoffschmidt

Eine Deutsche Legende, Walther Waffenfabrik, German language and now english edition available.

P.38 Automatic Pistol, Gangarossa

The Walther Handgun Story, Gangarossa

The Standard Directory of Proofmarks, Gerhard Wirnsberger

All of these books are in my library.

Gangarossa's books contain many errors in several areas and many of the photos are not very good. He tries, but misses the mark on several points he should have researched more thoroughly.

Black Bakelite grips were not uncommon on many war-time P.38's. Some had them, some had red.
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