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That looks like a good place an not a very far drive, it seems their are fewer and fewer places to go shooting in such a big state like Texas the Winchester range over on Luna Rd. doesn't allow what they call "Military Style" guns I don't know what the hell they mean by that or what advantage they get from it.

My biggest disappointment is there is just no place you can drive to out of the city limits and go blast away at soda cans. I firmly believe you cannot learn how to properly handle and shoot a firearm by only shooting holes in a piece of paper indoors.

The last time we tried to go out to a creek bed in the boonies and shoot bottles the swat team showed up and had all of us down on our knees in the gravel with MP5's pointed at our heads. Ridiculous. They even took all our guns, and kept them. They said they had had problems with Meth labs.

I cannot as of yet afford a piece of private land, I'm saving to Marry my girl and buy us a house. I don't think she would want to live on a few acres out of town.
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