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Take the ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity of your chosen load to the Norma Ballistics Calculator and play with the sliders. I would decide on a vital zone diameter and go for a maximum point blank range i.e. 6" vital zone needs a mid-range trajectory height maximum of 3". For Nosler’s 260 grain Partition HG bullet, B.C. 0.174, at 1850 fps muzzle velocity, the close zero is 9 yards, far zero is 138 yards, and max point blank range is 162 yards. These numbers assume open sights with a sight axis .8 inches over the bore axis. You should plug in your bullet, sight height, muzzle velocity, and preferred vital zone.

Always bear in mind that velocities vary, bullets vary, and that temperature, elevation, and humidity not only vary, they have significant effects on performance. As always, calculations are jumping off points for testing.
Gee, I'd love to see your data!
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