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Good post Arc.

I've recognized the need for quick blows to important places bro wanted to fight over something, so I landed a powerful blow to the gut. He almost vomited. It can get ugly.

But the thing is, I've never been how to fight. Ever. Only technique my dad showed me was the grip on the top of the shoulders outside the neck. But that's a hold...

thanks for the advice. Once in HS PE a guy was harrasing me. Then one day I'm minding my own business, and he surprises me around a corner. Then I landed him a punch in the stomach. Bad news. He boxed me, but I had no muscle then (only a little more now) so I had to absorb the blows with my legs but then I saw a chance and ran away. Told the teacher, only got suspended for the rest of the day, he got the rest + next day.

I learned then...avoidance is always a winner because survivors live because they ran away...
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