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Question. What was the point of the dude holding his face (or it at least looked like he was holding his face, videos are usually darker than they should be on my computer cause' the brightness adjust don't work) It seems like all that would do is cloud your vision. I have however learned alot on my own while hittin' the ole' punching bag, one being don't aim for the target, but behind it to maximize power. The thing is is it moves to dang much! It's only 70lbs. and when I hit it it usually hops all over the place, I even took a very large chunk out of the wooden beam it's hanging on because as it hops up the chain wears into the beam.
"The SKS is a rifle, made the way they should be, out of a heavy block of crappy commie steel, set in an inletted semi-reshaped 2x4."

Not my quote but I agree completely.
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