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Design origins of Mauser M2

Having recently purchased a Mauser M2 pistol, I can't help but think that a lot of its design seems very, very similar to the design that Nickl did for the old Mauser company back before he left Mauser and went to work for the Czechs (think vz.24)

Not quite like the Steyr Hahn, but this incorporates some design features that are the same as the original Nickl Mauser prototype (position of locking lugs, position of bolt cam, bolt cam block separately milled or cast and installed in frame).

It also seems to have features from a Walther experimental pistol from late 1945 (not the stamped one, but the rotating bolt model). Slide rails and ejector are separate pieces pinned into the frame.

Was this pistol as greatly affected by these previous designs as it seems, or am I missing something?
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