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Jim, I'm sincerely sorry if you took my reference to "common sense" to be an insult to yourself. But, buddy, you sound a little whiney: if you want to complain about your problems to the world in a forum such as this one, you might want to be prepared for the possibility that someone might suggest you brought it on yourself.

No insult intended, but the "problem" you had is not one that I would ever have had - I can tell the difference between a .17 rod and a .22 one through the packaging. And, if I wasn't sure, I would have opened the package to take a gander at it. And if I'd screwed up, I'd probably just try to return it to the store instead of calling the customer service number and complaining, and then posting about it on the 'net.

So, I am sincerely sorry if you feel insulted, partner, because that was not intended. But I do not think you showed an overabundance of common sense (and - hey - I've been there myself; we all have) and I do feel that more than 50% of your "problem" lay with you. I feel that Hoppe's was gracious in their handling of the problem, and I feel that you ought to take a little more responsibility for your actions.

And, if you don't want to hear folks' responses, than you shouldn't bring it up on a forum like this.

I'm really not trying to be a jerk, but I wanted to give you my opinion, particularly after your passive/aggressive "Luckily there are people out there who are responsible enough to claim they made the mistake and try to correct it rather than lay blame on the damaged party."
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