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SASS holsters and revolver grips

I havn't joined the SASS yet, but think I will - sounds like fun. I was looking at a few of the revolver rigs on-line. Does anyone have any experiance in the quality of leather offered by the various manufactures?

I looked at El Paso Saddlery -

I looked at Circle KB -

I also looked at Wild Rose Trading Co -

The Wild Rose Rigs really look great, are expensive, but not sure of quality.

The Circle KB rigs advertise - Fully guaranteed and dutifully created with pride in Quality Workmanship using only Premium USA Vegetable Tanned Leather (we do not use chrome, imported, pre-dyed or uric tanned leather)

El Paso Saddlery was reviewed by a few gun mags as having great quality products.

I'm not sure what the heck "chrome, imported, pre-dyed or uric tanned leather" has to do with quality. Any guidelines and experiance?

One last question - Downloaded the SASS guidebooks. I have a Colt SSA 7.5 barrel with a manufactured date of 1973. It has the plastic Colt grips that came with the revolver. Wasn't clear to me if those grips are ok, or need to be replaced under the SASS guidelines.
Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks - Mac
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