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I guess I don't see your problem with Hoppe's.

I suppose I can see how it's frustrating to buy something that's inaccurately labeled, but . . . when you bought the rod, couldn't you see it wouldn't work? (That is, assuming that you bought it in person, and not through some mail order deal.)

Look, the .17s were pretty much oddball rounds until the last couple of years, and common sense might suggest that those "Universal" rifle rods wouldn't work - since they have been marketed for years and years as "Universal" rods.

And it's not like there haven't been .17s out there. They were oddball, but they were out there. So are .14s, and .12s . . . but no one who shoots a .12/2000 would think that a "Universal" rod would work for their bore.

So, you called Hoppe's and they acknowledged it's a problem. That sounds good. Then they suggested alternatives, and told you what they would cost. Okay, they tried. Perhaps there are things that could have made you happier (they didn't come to your house, give you a new rod and a massage), but - hey - I don't see anything wrong with their response. What would you have liked them to do? And why didn't you suggest that such was what they could do to make you happy? Assertiveness goes a long way with customer service people who aren't telepaths.

At least they didn't point out that you should have been able to see that the rod wouldn't work for your rifle - like I did.
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