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"it's more about mindset and planning. "

"they'd found the getaway vehicle keys in the dead one's pocket "

Actually, I don't think it is funny. I see that as being just as important a lesson as anything else in the post. Their whole plan was tied into one small item: this is also clearly a planning and mindset issue as well. We can learn from other people's mistakes. I read post after post on-line where people put all their eggs in one basket and it appearently never enters their mind that things might not go down they way they envision.
You know the rest. In the books you have read
How the British Regulars fired and fled,
How the farmers gave them ball for ball,
From behind each fence and farmyard wall,
Chasing the redcoats down the lane,
Then crossing the fields to emerge again
Under the trees at the turn of the road,
And only pausing to fire and load.
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