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Triple 7 pellets

I have a question in reference to the Hodgdon's Triple 7 pellets (.50 cal). I purchased a pack of these for use in a CVA Bobcat sidelock rifle, not knowing that these weren't recommended to be used in sidelocks. After trying multiple times to fire off a round with the pellets as the propellant, I came to realize why they aren't recommended, because the #11 percussion cap just won't do the trick. Now comes my question, since I already forked out the cash to purchase these pellets I'd still like to get use of them without having to purchase a new inline rifle (out of the question at the moment). I would like to know if it would be acceptable to crush up the pellet and turn it back into a powder and load it that way. It seems like in the powder form it should be about the same as using loose powder in the regular fashion. Of course, I'm not wanting to have the gun blow up in my face, so I wanted to check with the experts before doing so.

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