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Thank you "User Name" and "Double Naught Spy" for your posts.Yes,It is true I do not own a camera.Since this keeps being brought up,let me end the picture debate right now.The fact of the matter is, no picture will be able to convey the finish defect irrelevant of how high the quality of pics one can take.This can only reasonably be observed hands on.Now,if any formites live near the Dutchess/Ulster County area,and would like to see the gun before I fix it,feel free to e-mail me.Perhaps we could meet somewhere convient to me and you can view the firearm to see for yourself.I'll even supply the gun scrubber so you too can watch in amazement as the "armor-tuff" finish just washes off.
As stated in previous posts,I'm doing this as a fellow gun nut ,helping other forum gun nuts from falling prey to Wilson Combat's less than honorable business practices.My gun has been examined my a professional gun smith.The simple fact is the finish comes off with plain acetone and even just dry tissues.The gunsmith noted there was no parkerizing under the gun kote finish.
In regards to this being "one sided";I e-mailed the link to my original post 10 minutes after posting sending it to Wilson Combat's supervisor John M. I never did hear back from them in regards to my gun's finish or post.The last thing they did was send me my gun back and the rude e-mail I posted in my original post.They have had a long time to respond here,they chose not.I have a copy of a letter they sent to the BBB in Arkansas to rebut my bureau complaint.Wilson Combat's response read that it was "obvious" I had "intentionally" sanded and damaged my own gun.Intentionally damaging one's own property serves no legitimate purpose.That statement in itself is ludicrous,and gives Wilson Combat no credibility with any intelligent person.Please feel free though, to continue to patronize their business should you choose.As for me,the CC Company has credited the account,I'm going to very shortly have my gun repaired by a competent gunsmith.Thanks to all for following this thread,I really do not have anything more to add.
Best Regards,Ralph
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