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First of all, the customer is NOT always right. In many cases, the customer is flat out wrong. The notion that a customer is always right is NOT a policy that has ever been followed 100% by any company, no matter what the claims to the contrary. That sort of policy would bankrupt companies if it were actually followed. Why? Because the company's customers would be sent in by the opposition to wage a campaign of complaints about products, buying lots of products and then demanding refunds after abusing the products so that they could not be resold and then claiming the products were defective.

A customer who is combative and coverts the issue from one of the product problem to one of a person nature will never get the resolution s/he deserves to attaind. The customer may become emotional and combative due to poor customer relations of the company representative. This I fully understand, but it also happens in many cases because the customer is a jerk.

The notion of being called a liar is a good one. Heaven forbid that the customer ever bring in an item, claim it to be defective when it wasn't. I worked retail long enough to see folks bring in supposedly defective items that they had obviously abused or misused and then demand refunds. If the person representing the company does not believe the actions of the customer because the results can't be replicated or the story doesn't make sense, the claim will not be honored. This does NOT mean the company is calling the customer a liar. It means they don't believe the customer.

In the case here, we are all discussing aspects about a gun that is claimed to be defective, that the company claims was abused, and we are all making judgments without the benefit of even being able to see the gun because sprinfieldmaniac says he has no camera. Additionally, we only have the word of springfieldmanic on this event and how things unfolded. We don't actually know Wilson's side. So, it is definitely hard to say who is right or wrong in this case because we have no evidence to view, only one side of the argument.

And no, springfieldmaniac, I am not calling you a liar. I am just saying that you have presented all the evidence to us and none can be verified and since you have displayed a very emotional perspective on the situation and have a decided bias in the argument as you are one of the the actors, your perspective cannot be considered as complete or unbiased.

I don't particularly like Wilson Combat, but think they make great pistols. It is my opinion that their customer service has sucked for me in the past.
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