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OK I've followed this "problem" on two different forums and I'm kinda taken aback to see so many people automaticly side with the matter what company it is...
I have had no dealings with Wilson and have really not read much feedback about their products (other than people stated that they have a CQB or something). I'm not making any judgements about whether this cemichal or that chemical was was all kinda erelavent to me as soon as he said the finish came off revealing metal.
I've seen alot of folks on here and the other forum insulting the inteligince of posters by their grammer, or rambling posting style....since when did you need a freaking collage degree to be a gun nut???
I'm just an uneducated hick but I've been into the firearms world long enough to know that there should have been pakerizing under the finish...I assumed (silly me) that the majority of the folks replying to this did too...
Instead folks were more worried about whether the post was rambling, or what was spelled right....even that springfieldmaniac didn't act proffesional enough...HORSE-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-!!!
I for one don't like being called a liar...straight out or implied....I also don't like throwing my hard earned cash to some Lexus driving dip-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- who forgot who put him in that Lexus to begin with..While I go crawl in my beat up Ford cause I'm spending my extra money to keep people like him wealthy!! (Boy, the things we do for our hobbies.. ) So, anyway, I can't say I would have handled it any better.

springfieldmaniac, thank you for giving me the heads up. I for one will add them to my list of companies that won't see my hard earned cash!!

springfieldmaniac came here cause he got "stiffed" by "the man"...he wanted to be around his freinds, he wanted to warn us...he may have even just wanted to b*tch a little bit, and for that he ends up getting called a liar from both sides??
C'mon guys, we're supposed to be in this each other out, watch each others backs....forget about the spelling, forget about IQ's, and look at the facts when someone posts.
It's true he didn't list the name of the scrubber...but do you honestly know of a scrubber than can take of the coating, AND the Pakerizing underneath???
If you do please post it so I can steer clear of it as much as I'm gonna steer clear of Wilson....

P.S. This was purposly posted with very little punctuation....I used these-->.....cause I like to ramble...

Ohhh have I told ya'll lately how much I love this site???
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