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Louis Awerbuck In Arizona

Louis Awerbuck will be the guest instructor for a Level One shotgun course at my range on October 29, 30 and 31.

This course is designed to create reflexive gunhandling, Good marksmanship and tactical thinking. In addition it places strong emphasis on learning what the shotgun will, and most particularly WILL NOT, do. The importance of patterning the shotgun properly is discussed at length. The course also covers ammunition selection, loading and unloading, reloading and ammunition selection while involved in a shooting scenario, shooting from several ready positions and various tactical body positions, dim-light and flashlight shooting, shooting on the move, moving targets, multiple targets and weapon retention.

Ammunition requirements are 400 Birdshot, 60 Buckshot, 60 Slugs, and 100 rounds of handgun ammo for transition drills. A sling and flashlight (preferably of the “tactical” variety i.e. SureFire) is also required.

Cost is $450 for the three-day course. A $125 deposit is required. Class size will be limited to the first 18 applicants.

The last day of the course will include force-on-force exercises conducted with Airsoft.

For registration, please contact me via email at [email protected] or by landline (928) 775-5902.

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