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No to Alhambra Water Company Human Resources - a "no-hire"

During the Battle of Gettysburg, 150th Pennsylvania Bucktail Pvt. Rodearmel was sent to fill canteens for his company. He returned after the battle.

"When Captain Jone's company went into action as skirmishers on the morning of July 1, the men had exhausted their drinking water, and many of them were suffering from thirst. Calling Private Rodearmel to him, the captain ordered him to take a number of canteens and fill them at a rivulet a few rods in the rear. "Rody" started on his errand, but failed to return during the day; nor was he seen until the morning of the 4th, when he presented himself before the captain on Cemetery Ridge with a large collection of freshly filled canteens, and with inimitiable assurance said, "Captain, here's the water! I knew you wanted good water, so I'd thought I'd go back to Germantown for it; but the provost guard stopped me at Baltimore." True enough, he had started for home, but was arrested on the way and returned to the army under guard."
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