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After a ton of thought, research, blah, blah, blah.... I'm going with a 200 grain hollowpoint at +P+ velocities. It's a compromise, I know. I understand the arguments for 230 grain bullets, whether hardball or hollowpoint. Can't say that I disagree, but I have staked out what I see as the middle ground. 200 grain bullets give decent energy retention at 50+ yards, and will expand reliably if driven fairly fast. I use an overstrength spring to compensate for the slide velocity on recoil, etc., etc.

Silvertips, Hornady XTP's, or Gold Dots. Kind of a toss up between the XTP's and the Silvertips. YMMV. I wouldn't not carry the heavier stuff, but I'm not impressed by the lightweight bullets under 200gr.
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