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Limiting ability

What I am seeing is a lot of limited thinking which perpetuates limited ability. The bottom line is you cannot predict with 100% certainty where you will be justified in using your weapon. If you take the time to look around, you will find that there is distance all around you. The first thing you have to do is see it. If you cannot see it, then it really doesn't matter.

An example, bedroom door to bedroom door down the hallway 13 yards. Bumper to bumper of the average large SUV or truck 8 yards. Both these represent the measurements from the end of the objects, don't forget you are more than likely going to be standing back from them.

Hopefully, you get the picture.

Lastly, most arguments for the focus of the short range training is the probability of not having to shoot out far. Like Tam already mentioned the statistic only work when you are on the good side, but for every 90% who are on the good side there are 10% on the bad side. How can you say you won't find yourself on the shallow end. Beside, I think most people will stand fast on the argument for short distance shooting because shooting at distance (mild distance of 25 yards) is not easy. As ego driven creatures we seldom practice what we suck at

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