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Interesting question, jekla. I'm glad you asked it....

I'm looking at the same question in a different way. I want to add a long gun to my truck to suppelment my pistol for possible SHTF (heavily-armed, criminal-type, not UN-invasion/TEOTWAWKI-type) situations. I'm deciding b/t a 12ga. "riot" shotgun, a .22Mag rifle, or a larger caliber centerfire rifle. While most situations would occur at less than 100 yds. (well in 12ga. & .22Mag range), I can't help but think about the rare--yet DID happen--instances like the DC snipers or the UT Tower Sniper. And I'd prefer not to be caught flat-footed there, either.

So, if we expand the choices to long guns, how does that change things?

Thanks in advance....
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