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I practice out to 25 yards and sometimes 35 or 40. However, most of my practice is 15, 10, 7, and 5 yards.
As has been said, it is a different story to shoot at 25 or more, and have the extra time for sight alignment, than to have to get a fast shot off at 5 yards.

I cannot imagine a situation where a CHL holder is going to have to shoot beyond 15 yards. His requirement is self defense, and not stopping bank robbers on the run.
You are responsible for every shot you fire, and if you "open the ball" you are in a sense responsible for every shot fired by anyone.

It is not logical to think that I am going to get into a gunfight in a Walmart parking lot, and have to shoot at long distances or for a long period of time. The BG do not want to be there when the cops arrive, and so they are going to try to get away.

I think the most useful ranges are within 15 yards, and maybe 10. I suspect that the attack will take place at 5-7 yards, and will be fast and violent. That is what I practice for mostly.

A cop has a different set of requirements and responsibilities. He needs the type of training to run here and there and shoot from behind doors and walls such as we see at the various types of competition. But I am never going to have to do all that. If I can be aware of what is going on around me, and be prepared for a close and violent confrontation, then that is what I need.

Don't anyone get angry about my comments regarding the competition type shoots and training. But in truth it is a game, and while a fun game for many, it is just that for a CHL holder.

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