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Trident Concepts in Atlanta

Jeff Gonzales, Director of Training for Trident Concepts will be returning to Atlanta in November to conduct three 1 day modules. Jeff was a Navy SEAL for twelve years and has worked in an operational capacity as well as an instructor for Naval Special Warfare. More importantly, he's an excellent communicator who can help improve your skills. We will offer the following: I'm including a brief description but more extensive details can be found on my site at

11/13/04 Concealed Carry module, tuition $175.00 per person.

This course aims at introducing individuals to the act of carrying a firearm concealed. The various modes of concealed carry are discussed and demonstrated with a applicable information for the individuals habits, style and level of protection. Brief discussions on choosing weapons and caliber is discussed with a focus on confidence in your performance and the weapon's. The link for registering/paying is https://www.personaldefensetraining....&calendarId=18

11/14/04 Strong Hand only, tuition $175.00 per person.

Can you fight with only one hand? The Strong Hand Only course is unique in its concept; nothing similar exists today in our industry. It focuses on fighting with your strong hand only, which in most close quarters fighting situations is not only realistic, but addresses worse-case scenario. Emphasis is on developing skill's confidence at fighting with only one hand. When we say fight we want the individual to be completely autonomous with his strong hand or in some cases his weak hand. The registration link is https://www.personaldefensetraining....&calendarId=19

11/15/04 Shooting on the Move, tuition $200.00 per person.

Can you hit a moving threat who is actively trying to do you harm or even worse, can you hit a moving threat while you are trying to seek safety? The Shooting on the Move course is for those who have developed aggressive and effective handgun techniques with their primary shooting method already. This course will provide the individual with the instruction and the opportunity to engage targets on the move from a variety of conditions. Registration link is https://www.personaldefensetraining....&calendarId=20

Thank you!

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. A 50% deposit is required to reserve a space.


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