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regardless of the mags capacity be it a preban 16rdr of the new 10 rd mags how many is enough for a gun?
Depends on how many bullets you want to carry in magazines. If you want to carry 10 rounds, you don't need an extra magazine. If you want to carry 20, you'll need one extra magazine. As far as how many are "enough", you really don't NEED a gun at all to get by in life. The vast majority of people will never need a gun, let alone extra magazines, so from my point of view, you don't "need" a gun, and certainly not an extra magazine. It all comes down to what you WANT. And as wants go, here in America, the sky's almost the limit. If you think the inconvenience of carrying a gun and extra magazines is outweighed by the satisfaction you feel in carrying them, by all means, carry 12 extra magazines, and don't let anyone try to tell you that 11 are enough.

I carry 3 mags one in the gun, two on the other hip. It's better to have and not need than to need and not have, If i had space for one more i would carry it.
That's why I carry one of these around in my briefcase......

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