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Thanks for posting these anecdotes and tales, Gary. Most enlightening, and they help bring "The Human Factor" into our historical and technical interests.

Houston's withdrawal in the Runaway Scrape, apparently had a twofold purpose - - to gather and consolidate more members of his army, and to allow Santa Ana to join the elements of the Mexican Army pursuing the Texians. They needed to take El Presidente, for Texas certainly didn't have the resources to fight an extended war.

Ole Sam's generalship was strained in keeping together his impatient volunteers while drawing the Mexicans down into the bayou country and onto the plain along the San Jacinto river. He knew how crucial it was that their maneuver room and avenues of retreat be restricted when the moment arrived. . . .

Ma reached me down the long rifle.
I never had held it before.
Said, "Your Pa died with Fannin at Goliad,
So I reckon that makes it your war."

Now this army is plumb tired of runnin',
And they act like they ain't scared to die.
Look at Houston himself, napping under yon tree - -
If he ain't worried, neither am I!

- - "Come to the Bower," Allen Damron and Tim Henderson

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