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I like to call the mags what they really are. The "full capacity" mags, also referred to as hi capacity, but IMHO, wrongly so, and "reduced" capacity after the stupid law. Sorry to ramble. Most of the time, I just carry my gun with the mag thats in it. Thats 17 rounds with my glock and 7 with my Kahr K9, although I will sometimes pack an extra for the little gun. Mainly, because my instuctor brought up a good point after doing what he called "two in each baddie" Well, I was feeling rather pleased with my speedy shooting. got two in the three targets and we considered then "stopped". then he while waiting for the police to come to the scene, you better go ahead and reload just in case one of the downed 3 friends come over. His thinking was anytime there is a break in the situation, that you should use that as an opportunity to reload just in case. In the summer though, I usually do good to pack even the kahr. I also have a little 22 semi auto that I stick in my shorts pocket. I need to upgrade that I guess, but i keep buying rifles or SA rugers and not having anything left over for a kel-tec or lightweight s&w 38 which I really want. Maybe for Christmas, if i'm good. Back on track, practice your draw and shooting as much as you can, and learn to look for trouble and then get away from it. That way, you wont have to put all that practice to use, but it sure is fun.
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