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hi jeff,

i am open to your suggestions jeff. if you could probably, recommend a good book which i could use id really appreciate it. my favorite book so far is one by Clair Rees "how to be an expert shot".

as for "formal" training with regards to home defense or personal defense no i havent had any. in my part of the world all we have are gun clubs that teach one the basics of handling a gun and shooting at paper targets and steel plates ala ipsc and the likes. ive been an "observer" on several occasions trying to decide if i would join but on all those trips to the range ive seen too many accidental discharges that its scary. all this happened with a range officer too. so its not very encouraging.

i guess youre asking, how can i be a safe shooter and a proficient one if i had no formal training? i can honestly say i am a safe shooter. ive been handling guns since i was 8yrs old. i started with airguns and got to shooting the real thing in my teens. up to now i havent had any accidental discharges of any gun i used. i know all the safe ways in handling a gun by heart and practice them too. am i proficient? i can hit what i aim for from time to time and am practicing to be even better. i try to learn everything i can from wherever i can. TFL has been a very good source of info for me. ive been a member before it shut down. and now its reopened i used another name coz i forgot my previous password.

i totally agree with what you say and with what erick said in my other thread. that is near impossible for me to get my training online. its just that i trust TFL to give me good pointers and i dont have any where else to turn to for "formal" training.

in closing, im really sorry if i caused you guys any troubles coz my posts were "too shallow". try to post subjects with more substance next time.

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