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jekla, . . . Erik gave you some real good advice. You cannot get your needed training on line here. What you can get though, is some good advice.
If you are ever involved in a gun fight:
1) Remember that you will have to tell your side to the police first, then maybe a prosecuter, then maybe a grand jury, and then maybe 12 of your peers in a court of law. Will your side of what happened be justifiable???
2) Think about being the juror on a case where the defendant gets all indignant and swears he had to shoot the bg at 45 feet (15 yds) because he felt his life was threatened. Would you believe that scenario??
3) Remember that the prosecutor (in a criminal case) and the local lizard (dead perp's family attorney in a civil lawsuit you will most likely have to defend also) will ask you what kind of ammo you used (hoping you will say "hot hand loads, designed to kill on sight), . . . they will ask why you practiced shooting silhouette tgts at 100 ft (hoping you will say that you were afraid sometime you may have to shoot at that distance), . . . in short, they will use every thing they can against you. Make sure that your actions don't give them enough rope to hang you.
In these days and times, no one walks away from a gunfight. The courts are ready to crucify all of us, so we need to just mind our p's and q's before we get there.
May God bless,
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