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Even so, you may find yourself with a nasty black powder habit. Mine was low grade for decades and then emerged as a full blown addiction. I have a navy that was probably manufactured by Pietta, sent to this country for sale to either Colt or another concern that wanted to put its own cosmetics and markings on it and then rejected by the US buyer. It was part of a batch a local guy bought up. No finish, no front sight, brittle trigger spring and bolt and a 6 pound trigger pull Pietta spare parts- available in an expensive kit from either Brownelles or Numrich (and apparently almost nowhere else.) dropped in with no fitting. Still has the 6 pound trigger and chambers don't line up particularly well with the barrel but it shoots very well anyway.

This year, I picked up a 1858 Remington and a 1860 army newly made by Uberti. I was amazed at the quality of them. The chambers line up, the parts are well fitted and finished and the bore/ chamber measurements are perfect. On top of that, Cimarron, VTI Taylor and Uberti all keep spare parts and have in house service departments for repairs. This is unpresidented in the replica industry and I hope it lasts. A good strategy if you get the itch for another revover is:
1. put in a spare parts order ( springs, screws-hand and bolt) for the specific model before you buy it. If they come youre in business. Spare parts are completely necessary for these designs as flat springs tend to break even when heat treated right. Shooters often find out about this only after buying the guns. It is good to read the black powder annuals and magazine articles but they generally omit the realities of black powder shooting in order to sell more guns for their industry supporters. The gunwriters will have you believe that all of the black powder revolvers are miracles of industrial integrity and you have already found out this isn't true.

2. Examine the gun if possible. Even with current quality control, specific examples of the Ubertis vary in smoothness and functionality. Otherwise, order direct from Cimarron or Taylors and examine upon arrival.

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