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Sam Houston Lashed! A real story.

The Texan Army under Sam Houston was retreating towards Harrisburg. Their tactical withdrawl was called the 'Runaway Scrape.' At one point, the men began tearing down the fences for firewood.

"The woman vainly protest and finally appealed in no mild terms to Houston. 'My good woman,' said the General, 'you see our situation; the men having marched all day through mud and rain, are tired and hungry, and besides your fence rails there is no other wood to be had with which to make fires to cook their rations.' 'Then you'll pay me for my rails,' screamed the exasperated woman. 'Sorry to admit good lady,' said Houston, 'that we haven't a cent, otherwise I would readily pay you for all the damages: but I'll tell you what I'll do. When I whip old Santa Anna, I'll be back this way, and I'll have my men make rails and rebuild your damaged fences.' With a look of withering scorn, and shaking her finger defiantly at the General, that brave Texas mother exclaimed. 'You big, cowardly, nasty, old rascal! You'll never come back this way, and you know it; you are running now, like a cur dog, from a gang of thieving Mexcians, and you'll not stop running until you get out of Texas. When you whip Santa Anna! Huh!' For once the General felt defeated and rode away crestfallen. And it is said that when he became President of Texas, he saw that the brave woman was paid well for her rails, and besides sent her a fine clock as a gift."

Sam Houston was to feel the sharp bite of yet another woman's tongue. After the battle of San Jacinto the Texans had defeated Santa Anna and captured El Presidente himself. They were justly proud of their victory. One thing they didn't do though was to collect the bodies and bury them.

"I have often heard the story of how a Mrs. McCormick, on whose estate the principal portion of the slain Mexicans lay, called at General Houston's headquarters and requested him to 'have them stinking Mexicans removed from her land.' The general with mock seriousness, replied, 'Madam, your land will be famed in history as the classic spot upon which the glorious victory of San Jacinto was won. here the last scourge of mankind, the arrogant, self-styled Napoleon of the West, met his fate.' 'To the devil with your glorious history!' the madam replied, 'Take off your stinking Mexicans.'"

Not to be PC, but as a reminder, among the fallen defenders of the Alamo were Mexicans who also fought the tyranny of Santa Anna.
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