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What's so special about Nash's gun?

Ah, another hardware question. Again, we went to the appropriate experts to get the most thorough answer. In NASH BRIDGES, Nash carries a two-tone black and silver finish .45 custom auto - the auto has a black slide mated to a chrome receiver. The gun is fitted with a compensator to reduce recoil. Without actually examining the gun, it could be .40 caliber instead of .45 - it's hard to tell just by looking.

According to our gun expert, it certainly would be appropriate for Nash to carry a .40 caliber. In another carry over from MIAMI VICE, Don Johnson not only has the coolest ride on television, but also the coolest gat. In VICE, he carried a Bren Ten, a experimental precursor to the current new police caliber known as .40 Smith and Wesson. The 10 millimeter Bren auto was one of the first handguns to be made of stainless steel, though the company that made the gun has gone out of business. The Bren Ten, made famous by VICE, is a collector's piece. The 10 mm round was a hot load, and the new .40 S&W is decidedly milder and easier to handle. The .40 S&W caliber has replaced the equivalent diameter 10 mm round, so it would be appropriate for Nash to carry a .40 caliber gun. But, unless confirmed by the NASH BRIDGES Property Master, we assume the NASH gun to be a custom .45 auto.

The Official site has supplied some specs on the Nash gun and a list of custom modifications done to the venerable .45 auto frame. The gun is in .38 Super (our gun expert tells us that this is an unusual choice of caliber, used mainly in the sport shooting of bowling pins and is decidedly retro. A more "cop" caliber would be .40 S&W or .357 SIG.) Though this info is from the Official Site, this may still not be what is actually shot through the gun. Other sources report that the gun is actually chambered to shoot 9mm, simply because 9mm is so available, inexpensive and easier to reload. .38 Super is simply not a widely used round. Either way, from afar, the Nash gun looks like the classic Colt .45 auto, no matter what caliber this special TV pistol is chambered for.
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