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Thanks to kalvan, tcdrennen and edward429451 for your replies. In following up on your leads I somehow came across this. There is no particular point here except that even though we're talking the full handgun spectrum, it seems there is a lot more variety out there than I ever imagined!!! Again, thanks.

Appendix “A”
INCLUSIVE list of holsters APPROVED for IDPA competition effective 09-10-02:

999 Holsters & Gear 211, 215, 459, 417, 450, 487, Aker Special Agent, Belt Slide, DEA, 132, 133,134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 142, 143, 148, 120, 144, 152, 154, 158, 166, 258, AKJ Concealco BSA, BST, IWBA, IWBT, Alessi Talon, Belt Slide, Hideout, DOJ, CQC, CQC/S, WS-DT Alfonso Leather H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, J17, J18, J20, J21, J22, Andrews Tension Saddle, Mac Daniel 2, IPSC Saddle, Hybrid Saddle, Arizona Tactical Tactical Response, Bagmaster CH, BH-FA, BSH, IPHTB, IPH, Bear’s Den Belt Slide, Pancake, Scabbard, MK-1, Hi-Rider, Clone, Speedster, Excaliber, Bentley Speed Scabard, IWB Bianchi Cyclone III, Shadow, Askins Avenger, Black Widow, Pistol Pocket, Waistband, Hip Hugger, Talon, #80 Pinch, Accu Mold Belt Slide, Paddle, 100, 105, 106, Blade Tec IWBs, Belt Slide, Paddle, Standard Scabbard, Tek-Lok clip Bruce Nelson Summer Special, Professional, Bulman Gunleather HBS, FBS, THR, SDS, FDS, TSA, TSAT, TSAF, AIWB, TSAD, TSA2, Jim Burke Belt slide, 010, 011,Ken Burnham ATS, VHR, IWB/FL, IWB/WS, Carry-On Pancake, IWP, Colt Belt Slide, Thunder, Lite-Ning, Insider IWB, C.O.M. Standard Paddle, Mini Paddle, Deep Cover ISB, Standard Belt, Mini Belt, Comp-Tac Paddle, Gurka, Shirt Tucker, Undercover, Tactical Entry Team Paddle, FBI Slide, Speed Slide Concealed Carry Clothiers IWB, Davis 453 Liberty, Summer Special, Del Fatti Leather LP, SLP, BPB, ISP-DB, TAC-COM, ISP-3, De Santis Speed Scabbard Pro-Fed, Mini Scabbard, Cozy Partner, Companion, Yaqui, Viper, 87, 94Jackal, 91Nitewatch Dillon LTD, Master, Desert Special, CLS, Paddle, Don Hume Double Nine, Five Way, Agent 9, Breakfront,H720 OT, H724, H726, Pancake, Five Way, Fletch, First Agent, JIT Slide, V-Slide, YSO, Eagle Ind. ITP, Bodyguard, HRBF, BHRH, FBH, DH-HRM, Ed Brown model 1801, Edgeworks G-Code Paddle, El Paso Saddlery #2, #77, #88, Ernie Hill Ultimate Cover, Ghost Slide, Concealed Speed, Inside Edition, GPCP, Tactical Speed, FIST #7, #10 Shortcut, #12 Basic, #14 Combination,#18 #20 Adjustable IWB, #22 Secret System, #16 Inside/Outside, K1, 9K, Fobus All standard belt and paddle models (no Roto holsters approved for IDPA use) Front Line Classic, HTO, NG, Galco Combat Master, FLETCH, Silhouette, JAK Slide, Avenger, Firm NSA, Royal Guard, Scout, Speed Master, Concealable, Yaqui, Firm, Paddle, Phoenix, Quick Slide, Gallagher Texican, ABS, Jeffee, ADS, Garrity's Accelerator, Enforcer, Panther, Incognito IWB, 2C Special, Steady Fast GK Top Gun, Flat Guard, Spectre, Skin Gun, Street Patrol, Navarro, Glock Sport/Duty, Sport/Combat, Gould & Goodrich B745, B730, B737, B747, B29, B39, B38, 733, 729, 09, B742, 800, 801, 803, 805, 809, 810, 3001, Gun Leather Inc 6E, 6S, 6D, 3S, 3C, 12EU, 12AU, 13SU, 11EU, 11E, 12E, 12A, 13S, Haugen 01 Bodyguard, 05 Equalizer, 10 Stealth, 13 Speed Scabbard, #52 Pro carry, 13 Silhouette, Heinie 700 DOJ, 703, High Desert Storm, High Noon Holsters Sky High, Topless, Need for Speed, Yaqui Slide, Down Under, Slider, Hideaway, Hoffners C1, C2, C4, C5, C5SL, C6, C8, Multi Slide,Ultrux Speed Pro, Ultrux, Ultrux ITB,ITPseries, Holsters Plus Inside pants, Quickster Responder, Quickster Shorty, Expediter, Responder, Horseshoe Leather MLS, ML, 30, 28, 32, TJM, 62, 22, PDS, PD, H22HS, 22H, HML, Hoyt 580B, 580K, Hunter 1500, 1600, 2700, 2800, 3000, 3500, IHL Desert Special, Desert Master, John May Tactical #1, IWB #1, IWB #2, Mod. Pancake, Belt Slide, Ken Null UNS-IWB, Kirkpatrick 2000, 4100, 5600, 2010, TSS, M130, 131, 132, Yaqui, Kramer Belt Scabbard, Vertical Scabbard, IWB #2 & #3, MSP Paddle, Ky-Tac Braveheart, Snooper Hooper, High Hooper, Warrior, Point 5, SH, HH, WAR, EZ Rider, Revoquik, RQ, Leather Arsenal DCS-H, SSH, Lightning Strike IWB, Belt Loop, Mad Dog High Ride, Inside the Pants, Taylor Thunderbolt, OWB, Paddle, M/D Enterprises SVS, BS-1, BS-2, ABP, AAP, RCS, TDS, YCS, TSS, Mernickle PB5C, PS12, PS9, PS2, Mitch Rosen Belt Slide, Ayoob Rear Guard, Middleman, Sport, Workman, Harmon’s Request, Factor, Nancy Special, Straightman. Upper Limit, Mixson TBHL, BH, Gator, Murnak Superside, Pancake, Standard, Security, Cut Off, Secret System, Security Chief, Undercover, Inside/Outside, High Ride, Paddle, Sport 2, Full Coverage, Sport 3, Vanguard, Low Profile, Sport, Detective, Chief, Neuman Speed Six, Belt Slide, NMC Belt Slide, PP's Holster, P1, P2 Precision Holstering, Universal Belt Slide, Predator OTP, ITP, Belt Slide, Paddle, Rafter S Gunleather IWB, OWB, Ross Leather M5N, M19N, Paddle, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M12, M14, M14A, 020. S & S Enterprises 01,O2, Speed Scabbard, Safariland mod. 21, 527, 530, 38, 28, 5181, 518, 560, 20, 1070, 1071, 4050, 4051, 4052, 4060, 4061, 4070, 4071, 5182, 5183, 0701, 328, Nylok, IWB’s, Pancake, CustomFit, Sidearmor IWB, OWB, Vertical Scabbard, Sparks Executive Companion, Summer Special, Roadrunner, 55BN, Yaqui Slide, Mirage, Heritage, PMK, MMX, VM-2, CC-AT, WS, WS-DT Springbok Speed Shell, Total Cover, Spring Paddle, Stallion Leather S104, S106, S108, Strong Piece-Keeper Paddle, Side Winder, Steve Sturm SS-625, Tactical Products All Tac-Pro belt and paddle holsters Talon Tactical A10, R4, 1SP, Tauris Pro-Max Ted Blocker 710, DA1, DA2, 24A, 911, 911T, X16, G-1, B5, 10, 12, LF1, Hersey 4-way, ST-17, ST-17B, S18, S19, Tex Shoemaker Hugger, PL Paddle, PC, PL, N14, IWB’s, Pancake, Triple K Lightning, Concealer I, Ghost, Thunder, Speedster, Skeleton, Barrio, Stealth, Tucker HF #1, HF #2, IP, Pancake, Heritage IWB, Uncle Mike's Side Bet, Mirage Super Belt Slide, IWB’s, Series 235, Series 234, series 53 Kydex, Sidekick Vega Holsters UA9, UB, H, H199, NA110, HA, HB, HC, T, NE, ND, FC, FD, F, FB, IA, IB, I, FA, T2, TA2, F2, FA2, IA2, IB2, I2, Steve Webber Pancake Wilson Combat Lo-Profile, Rapid Response, Tigershark, Covert Companion, Belt Slide, Featherweight, Practical, Adjuster, Tactical Assault, Tactical Paddle, Summer Companion, Wild Bill's Concealed Carry Special, Gun Paddle, Summer Heat, Extreme Heat, Southern Comfort, Classic Speed, Belt Slide, Rock Solid, Undercover, NBS, Wilderness Tactical Products Zip slide John Winters IWB Double Hook
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